“Is this your story? ” “Yes! ” , she answered , the question stinging her heart .It always does.

The church needed young people to come up with personal stories to share in the church annual magazine to be share in another village for encouragement of the young people there, like Paul would write letters to different churches.

She was hesitant , but she thought of any other youth , who might be going through the same and decided to step up.

“You think deep, there seem to be a lot going on in your heart and mind. Looks like there is a hallway in your brains, you are skilled in expressing your emotions. Have you written for any website, any magazine? You are too real.” she laughed, “No , I’ve not written for any magazine but I have three articles with Girl table – Obaa Community. I’m not too real, authencity is one of my core values, and some think I am a loony , but I am comfortable being a wacko.”

“I am sorry, your story cannot be part of our magazine, the lead pastor is a respectable person , ” she cut her short with a glare, so she didn’t have to give more lame reasons.

Her story was in the magazine, anyway, but as one of the sheep who turnish the name of the shepherd for selfish gain .

She became a muse for many other magazines.But God is not done , He ends no one’s story in shame , so He used her shame to bring a cyclone among the hypocrites in the “church”.

And her shame became her scepter!



Being the only lady among three gents has had different effects on my life because I always tried to be like the men in the house.

In growing up, I was aggressive, (I still am in my mind though , haha) until Jesus tamed me with His unconditional love.

I was controlling , I loved being the ruler , the boss, and this affected my friendships in a way including my relationship with God.

On the saving side, my mother always tried to remind me who I am, a female , a girl , the only girl among three boys. And I needed to remain that , different, a girl.

She talked of my dress code, my walking style, my actions when conversing with someone , but somehow ,I just couldn’t be that until God began undoing so many areas of my life. That He had me as the only girl and the last born for a reason , and He had the reasons.

Are you struggling to keep up with the rest, their way of thinking and perceiving things? Are you uncomfortable to be peculiar, ?

Something different will always be noticed, something different will always be pursued, something different will always be valued .

Once you try to fit in, you loose your glow!


Being a coffee cognoscent, many are the times when I have made coffee a god. When nerves are flaming, when the migraine just won’t go away, when projects are stuck. I run for a mug or two instead of whispering or crying out “God I need Your help “It’s ok to take water , or coffee or whatever that you feel works for you, but my concern here is ,is God above your resorts?Who or what have you turned into a god?

Don’t waste your afflictions.

“Please take me to church , I don’t go to church , ” she started off. ” I love you , I love how you’ve been able to find solace and strength and comfort in God after all you’ve been through, and that’s what I want, ” she went on. “I feel encouraged by you , at least I know I can because you can,” she concluded. Immediately, I remembered a book I read by Larry Chkoreff, Don’t waste your afflictions.

How does one waste their afflictions? I’ll share how I wasted mine before turning to use them for God’s glory.I had a pity party for myself, and I forced people to attend my party , the only presents I accepted in my pity party were ,”they deserve to be punished, I’m so sorry Hilda ” .

I wasted my afflictions by wanting attention to my inner wounds , wanting solace from people, making mistakes and justifying with “I’m wounded ” . But guess what , I hurt more by seeking all these.

One day I came across Genesis 50:20 You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened.

I wept , thinking of how much I had wasted my afflictions in pity party yet God had great purpose with my afflictions, He had a good plan for them.I decided to let God use them .

What I can call my first chance to use my afflictions for God’s glory, was when I stood before a group of high school girls, who were victims of rape by uncles, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, teachers.

I broke down thinking of “You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened”. God was now turning my past afflictions into good , for the encouragement of these girls , to give these girls a hope of tomorrow, and for my beautiful friend Rose* to finally say , “,I feel encouraged by you , at least I know I can because you can,”

Naomi never wasted her afflictions, neither did Joseph, and neither did Jesus Christ waste His afflictions on the cross, because of them we have been set free, we have become heirs with Him of heavenly riches, we have been healed , we have been forgiven , we have been delivered from addictions .

Do not waste your afflictions.

No , I won’t forget!

Sometimes I want to forget it all , like God forgets our sins and remembers them no more once we confess .

I want to forget that I lost my virginity at the age of eight ,I want to forget that God and I fell apart at the age of nine when He watched history replay.

I want forget that I knew rejection at a young age , that I knew bitterness and trauma at an age I was only supposed to know God , books and hide and seek.

I want to forget that in the odd numbers of my past ages there was something to cry about . I want to forget that teachers have abused me yet I am passionate about teaching.

I want to forget that at some point out of self pitty and low self-esteem, I made silly decisions that caused me pain later.

I want to forget the many times I’ve sinned against God , I knew it yet still did it again and again and felt nothing about it, because well, He watched me go through pain. This is no justification for hurting my saviour again and again, He understands pain better than I do.

I want to forget the crushing words I’ve heard from people I love. I want to forget that someone I once called best friend saw nothing more valuable in me and walked out of my life , after begging them to consider the friendship.

I want to forget that a doctor refused to attend to me and the next one saw a grown woman in a teenager. I want to forget it all .

I want to forget that people got “busy” to even respond to a “hi” text or a missed call ,because they have tight schedules.

I want to forget that I’ve been rejected by an institution I had my heart on.

I want to forget the fact that I cannot erase my past!

I wish I could have a clean slate since childhood.

But no! I won’t forget!

I won’t forget all that . Because if I do ,I’ll be throwing away grace and mercy and unconditional love I’ve received from my God.

I’ll be forgetting the power of the cross and the power of the blood of Jesus Christ that He poured for the Salvation of my soul, blood that has been cleaning my slate over and over.

I will be forgetting the nights in the valleys when He wrapped me in the warmth of His unconditional love.

I will be forgetting the battles unseen He fought for me when I couldn’t go on.

I will be forgetting God my Father, Jesus my saviour, and Holy Spirit my helper, yet no, I cannot forget them.

And so no, I won’t forget!

@Hilda Imali.


When first man failed in their marriage, He saw it fit to court before marriage .

I don’t know why , but He saw me fit for marriage, He saw me fit before I was fit for Him. Ephesians 1 , we were predestined as His fit.

You know in human courting , you exhibit a character that’s not fit ,they go ,” no , I can’t take that to marriage, I can’t handle that in marriage, and so they walk”

In Jesus Christ’s way of courting , you exhibit , jealousy, robbery , a complaining kind of person , disobedience, ignorance, lesbianism, homosexuality, pride, envy ?carelessness, porn addiction , drunkardness, He says, “I saw you fit even with all these,” and in this courting season I am going to undo all that. ”

And so daily He moulds me into His fit , His fit that He and God had when they said , “let’s make man in our own image ” .

In my understanding I’m not His fit yet , I am in fix ,I am still struggling with all kinds of things He hates . And this is what most do,wanting to fix themselves before they become His fit.

Ephesians 1:5-6 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,
To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

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